«Gespenster» launches 05/04/2021
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«Gespenster» («Ghosts»)

virtual: not real, not present in reality, but appearing real. My last months don't really seem to have happened according to this definition, because I spent a lot of time in virtual spaces. On closer inspection, however, the black box in the theater seems to me to be no less virtual than the various digital platforms that I am increasingly reliant on recently, both privately and professionally: I place my body in front of a display, I use various virtual backdrops to protect privacy. I can make my body appear bigger, more beautiful and more powerful or apply filters that simply highlight it or made it disappear. My body is becoming more and more virtual.

In «Gespenster» («Ghosts») I examine this performative routine that we all experience and share. A staging on surfaces that are not real, not actually there.

In a cinematic experimental arrangement, my body is brought into a state of suspension. For this purpose, all sequences are recorded in a green screen studio. As a result, the body is already dislocated in the recording process and can then be repeatedly inserted in front of and in new virtual backdrops. It is „processed“ by different clothes and creates different surfaces for itself. The result is a dance for a virtual stage that sometimes emphasizes the virtual physicality or almost tries to destroy it. This gives the body itself a fleeting, ghostly shape, depending on the surface.

Online from May 4th, 2021


Natascha Moschini studied Contemporary Dance in Antwerp, Performance Studies in Hamburg and Contemporary Arts Practice in Bern. She is interested in the ethics, aesthetics and politics of the human body. In her performances and visual works she deals with social power structures, among other things. For example, she creates figures and situations that explore normative expectations and questions zones of comfort. In 2020/2021 Natascha Moschini is Associated Artist at the Dampfzentrale in Bern.

Jürgen Buchinger is an artist and filmmaker and lives and works in Basel and Lucerne. In his practice, he often deals with social and political issues, mainly using video and sound, collaborative work and social interactions. He believes speaking to one another is a political practice that art can encourage. Instead of giving answers, he looks for poetic forms for overly complex but important topics. At the moment he is working on his artistic research project «Making Public Space» about the transformation of urban spaces through moving image interventions at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Ernestyna Maria Orlowska has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master in Expanded Theater from the Berne University of Arts. In her artistic practice she merges the different disciplines of fine art, theater, performance and music. Her works are shown in galleries, independent art spaces, museums as well as theaters and festivals, such as Helmhaus Zurich, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Buzz Cut Festival Glasgow, Kunsthalle Basel, Ming Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai among others.

 As part of his Master’s degree at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Simon de Diesbach is currently directing a short animation film and a series of videos where dance and movements are dialoguing with nature in a symbiosis. He is also working on the conceptual, technological and aesthetic research of a long term collaborative project in applied design, conducted by Christina Zimmermann and supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The transdisciplinary project is a digital archive of the work of the theorist Siegfried Kracauer, exploring new and more inclusive ways of visualizing and accessing scientific and artistic research.


Idea and Performance
Natascha Moschini

Director of Photography
Jürgen Buchinger

Simon de Diesbach

Ernestyna Orlowska

Eva Böhmer